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BH Fitness NLS12 Dual crosstrainer

BH Fitness NLS12 Dual crosstrainer
  • BH Fitness NLS12 Dual crosstrainer
2 980 RON

Pulse rate on the focus bars. Constantly measures your pulse rate comfortably while you train with no need for the cordless band. Dual model: the machine can be converted in i.Concept with Dual Kit BE. Designed for regular use at home.

BH Fitness
  • BH Fitness NLS12 Dual crosstrainer

    Dual Kit BE not included: BH Fitness Dual Kit i.Concept Ready for bicycles and crosstrainers (Dual Kit BE) is sold separately!


     i.Concept by BH Features

    Enjoy i.Concept by BH technology and use your smartphone or table like a touchscreen of your fitness machine.

    - The machine is compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology.
    - i.Concept technology allows a personalized and 100% motivational training, with specific training Apps for fitness machines like for example BH by Kinomap, Run on Earth, FitConsole or Tread Monitor.
    - Also you can surf the internet, reading your email, updating your social networks, watching videos or tv, etc. while training.

    * Check compatible devices below, in "Compatibility with smartphones, tablets and accesories".

    Compatibility with smartphones, tablets and accesories.

    iOS compatible devices are: iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 4, iPad 3, iPad mini and newer. You can check minimum requirements of installation of the Apps in the App Store.

    Apps are optimized for the following Android devices: S4 and Gallaxy Note 2 from Samsung and Nexus 7 from Google (1st and 2nd generation) . Other Android devices with more than 4,3" screen can work, but it is not guaranteed an optimized performance.

    Compatible Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors are: Polar H6, Wahoo Fitness Blue HR, PAFERS HR-KIT and HR-KIT Plus (recommended).




    • Dual model with i.Concept Ready technology
      This crosstrainer can be converted in an i.Concept by BH model compatible with your smartphone or tablet acquiring Dual Kit BE (optional).
      With i.Concept technology you can enjoy personalized and 100% motivating with Fitness Apps like for example BH by Kinomap, Run on Earth, Webathletics, FitConsole or Pedal Monitor
    • Designed for regular use at home
      The best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training
    • Magnetic brake system
      Maintenance free. Quiet and smooth pedalling through an extensive range of tensions
    • LCD screen with 10 pre-set training profiles and 24 intensity levels
      Challenging programs to help you meet your goals
    • 4 Heart Rate Control Programs
      Allows cardiovascular zones to be targeted during the workout. Automatically controls workout intensity to maintain effort at chosen pulse limits
    • 4 Custom courses (uPrg)
      Allows users to design their own program
    • Random program
      Each time, the monitor will create and show on the screen a new program, randomly created
    • Body Fat test
      Helps to control de figure
    • Contact pulse measurement system in mobile arms
      Provides targets for advance training
    • Minimum distance between pedals
      Allows a more natural motion, given that the hips remain completely parallel during exercise
    • Horizontal pedal adjustment
      Change the distance from the focus bars
    • Closer foot pedals
      Offer a more natural workout position
    • Wheels for transportation
      Easy to move in the house




    • Length: 136 cm / 54”
    • Width: 59 cm / 23”
    • Height: 167 cm / 66”
    • Weight: 39 kg / 86 lbs
    • Maximum user weight: 120 kg / 265 lbs
    • Inertial system: 10 kg / 22 lbs
    • Stride: 30 cm / 12”
    • Distance between pedals: 16 cm / 6”

  • Article No.
    40 kg/pc

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