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Body-Solid Bi-Angular Gym G10B

Body-Solid Bi-Angular Gym G10B
17 985 RON

The Body-Solid G10B offers more than 50 unique exercises, and features the company's Bi-Angular Technology, with arms that guide users through an optimal range of motion, while applying resistance from two directions.


  • Body-Solid Bi-Angular Gym G10B

    Smooth, multidirectional resistance increases muscle interaction by a full 25%, making your workout more intense for improved results. Bi-Angular Arms also provide several starting points to choose from for chest, shoulder, and incline press exercises.

    Also included is a Perfect Pec station, equipped with swivel arms, adjustable range of motion, and designed for both unilateral and bilateral movements, so you can get the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning. A Seated Leg Curl/Extension Station is designed with adjustable cams, enabling users to precisely align the equipment with their body.

    Durable in the extreme, the G10B boasts Body-Solid's renowned DuraFirm padding, guaranteed not to break down. Additional features include ample lumbar support, 5 cm x 7,5 cm steel framing, and two 95kg weight stacks which allow multiple users to exercise simultaneously.


    • Biangular motion chest press
    • Lat pulldown/high pulley
    • Seated row/low pulley
    • Leg extension/leg curl
    • Ab crunch/mid pulley station
    • Perfect pec fly station
    • Weight stack shrouds
    • Lumbar support pads
    • DuraFirm upholstery


    Weight: 422.27kg
    Height: 212.09cm
    Width: 302.26cm
    Length: 182.88cm
  • Article No.
    438 kg/pc

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