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Developments and functions


BH Fitness i.Concemp technológia

i.Concept - advenced monitor concept
This technology allows to use smartphone or tablet as mintor of the fitness machine. This way, user can train with specific fitness Apps like Run and Earth, BH by Kinomap, etc.

Polar i.Concept

i.Concept ready
3rd evolution of our groundbreaking, exclusive i.Concept technology that allows you to turn a Dual fitness machine into a cutting edge, high tech i.Concept model, either at time of pruchase or any time thereafter.

Polar I.concept ready


Accesory composed of a Bluetooth module with USB connector that can be connected to the USB port of the Dual machine and turns it automatically in an i.Concept model.

BH Fitness FCU Full Commercia

Full Commercial Use
100% warranty for Professional Use.

Polar training load edzésterhelés

AC motor with variable-frequency
AC motor with variable-frequency drive Proprietary professional treadmill technology.

BH Fitness Electric

Electrical elevation
Electrical elevation from the control panel using a lifting motor. No need to get off the treadmill to change slope.

BH Fitness Ha class

Exercise bicycles and crosstrainers classified as HA CLASS per The European Standard EN 957-7 and EN 957-9. The display provides exact watts and RPM calculation.
BH Fitness Ergometer Ergometer
Ergometer that allows measurement in Watts.
BH Fitness Powered by You

Self powered generators
Denotes self powered generators, meaning that they can operate exercise programs without the need for mains electricity conncention.

BH Fitness GP - Green Power Tech

Green Power Tech

Treadmills with “Green Power Tech” have incorporated the technology already present in motors and regulation cards that allows a more efficient electric workout, lower consumption and same performance.

BH Fitness Eco Function Eco-Mode function
The Eco-Mode function activates a change in the treadmill's control software. As a result of these changes real power consumption drops by an avarage of 25% when measured with the treadmill belt at a constant speed and at zero degrees inclination.
BH Fitness Dot Matrix

DOT MATRIX monitor
Dot matrix monitor showing the progress of the program. This is the type of monitor used on full commercial use fitness machines.

BH Fitness Motivational Monitor Motivational monitor
Monitor equipped with graphics to encourage your to give your best.
BH Fitness training Profil and Programs

Pre-defined training profiles
This symbol highlights that the equipment has program facilities. Pre-defined training profiles with different intensity levels.

BH Fitness Radom Program Random Program
Each time, the monitor will create and show on the screen a new program, randomly created.
BH Fitness User Training Program Users can design their own training profile
This symbol highlights that the users can design their own training profile, apart from the pre-defined ones already set in the software.
BH Fitness - Fitness Test Fitness Test
The user has to travel the greatest distance possible in a given time. When the time is up, the fitness rating will be shown on the screen.
BH Fitness Heart Rate Control Program Heart Rate Control program
The machine will automatically adapt the resistance, so the user will always train at a constant pre-defined pulse rate. Very useful for people who have to control cardiac stress.
BH Fitness Target Heart Rate Target Heart Rate
Whenever you exceed the programmed value, the heart symbol and the pulse rate will flash on and off alternately. Very useful for people who have to control cardiac stress.
BH Fitness SWR - Steady Watts Rate SWR Steady Watts Rate
The machine, automatically, will maintain the resistance in the selected target (in watts). Specially designed for rehabilitation purposes.
BH Fitness Body Fat Control System Body Fat Control System
This program allows you to estimate your body fat percentage easily and comfortably.
BH Fitness Recuvery Test Recovery Test
With this test you will be able to measure how long it takes your heart rate to recover after having finished the exercise.
BH Fitness Running Test Extra wide running surface
Comfort and safety. This icon identifies treadmills with a running surface equal to or greater than 51 cm / 20”.
BH Fitness Extra Wide Body Extra wide structure
Denotes treadmills with extra wide structure.

BH Fitness K-Dumber Running Board K-Dumper Soft Control
The K-Dumper Soft Control absorbs some of the impact caused by running, extending the life of elastomers and the running board.
BH Fitness Hand Pulse Control Hand pulse control
Hand pulse control on the handrail.
BH Fitness Telemetric Pulse Control Telemetric pulse control
Telemetric pulse control reading from the conncention between the receptor and the control panel. If the world 'optional' is not shown, that means that it also includes the transmitter or chest band.
Bh Fitness Dual Kit Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart chest belt
Only available in Dual machines equipped with Dual Kit. In these machines user can train with a Bluetooth Smart chest belt that will show her/his pulse in her/his smartphone or tablet (but never in the monitor of the machine).
BH Fitness Handriels Control buttons on handrails
Speed and inclination control buttons on handrails for a more comfortable exercise.
BH Fitness Powerful Fan Integrated powerful fan
Provides a cooling sensation while exercising.
BH Fitness Soft Drop Soft Drop Safe
Soft Drop Safe vertical unfolding system powered by a hydraulic system to prevents back injuries.
BH Fitness Vertical Folding System Vertical folding system
Very useful to minimize space at home and allows easy movement.






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