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What is i.Concept by BH Fitness?

i.Concept by BH Fitness is a new concept in training developed by BH fitness: 100% interactive, 100% motivational, 100% healthy. Thanks to the i.Concept by BH Fitness exercise equipment the user can enjoy the fusion of the best of both worlds: entertainment and health.
BH fitness: 100% interactive, 100% motivational, 100% healthy
i.Concept by BH FitnessOn the one hand, you can enjoy a universe of multimedia and Internet on your Apple (iPhone or iPad) or Android device while exercising in the comfort of your own home. In addition, you can renew your training exercises each time you update the training Apps or download new ones.

There will be classic training programs (warm-up, cool-down, hills and valleys, fat-burning, endurance, etc.) as well as the possibility to compete against the machine with programs that use the user's effort during training as a "resource" to advance/compete in the game (for example, the main character in the video game moves at the speed being produced by the user, etc.)

On the other hand, you can enjoy training on exercise equipment from BH Fitness, owned by EXERCYCLE, S.L., which belongs to the BH Group, pioneer in the world of both home and professional fitness by developing technologies and products such as Plug & Run, A-Wing system, GSG, Combo Dual Vibration or Eco-Wireless.


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