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BH Fitness Combo Duo vibration machine

BH Fitness Combo Duo vibration machine
4 324 RON

2 machines in 1: the definitive fitness solution for women. Exclusive and unique fitness machine that combines the vibration platform’s advantages with the benefits of a belt massage machine. Designed for regular use at home.

BH Fitness
  • BH Fitness Combo Duo vibration machine


    • Designed for regular use at home
      The best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training
      1. - To work all muscle groups, not only those aligned longitudinally
      2. - Extends the layer of fat and provides cells with an oxygen intake, making the elimination “cellulitis” far easier
    • COMPATIBLE with other sportive activities
      COMBO DÚO is not meant to replace other sport, health or beauty treatments, it boosts the effects of positive results
    • Maximum performance in minimum TIME
      With the vibration platform we can do 3 minute exercise sessions 12 times per week to achieve optimum results
      Anyone, independent of age or physical condition, can use the COMBO DÚO platform
    • Belt massage machine
      Helps to relax stiff muscles and sore joints. Ideal both before and after exercising. Aids increased blood circulation
    • 2 LED windows monitor with 5 pre-set profiles
      Challenging programs to help you meet your goals
    • 3 massage and relax bands
      Designed to provide various types of massage to different parts of the body getting objectives like reducing cellulitis on the thighs and hips, firming the buttocks, relaxing back and shoulder muscles...
    • Wheels for transportation
      Easy to move in the house
    • Includes DVD with instructional videos for the exercises and a poster



    • VIBRATION TYPE: Triaxial (three spatial axes)
    • POWER: 1 x 550 W motor (continuous current)
    • VOLTAGE: 220V/240V - 50/60 Hz
    • VIBRATION FREQUENCY: 25 levels (25 - 50 Hz)
    • VIBRATION AMPLITUDE: displacement from 1 to 2 mm
    • PROGRAMMING: 30 - 90 seg.
    • INTENSITY: 5 levels of speed
    • PLATE DIMENSIONS: 45 cm / 18” x 64 cm / 25”
    • MEASURES: 70 cm / 28” x 64 cm / 25” x 134 cm / 53”
    • NET WEIGHT: 52 kg / 115 lbs
    • MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: 120 kg / 265 lbs

  • Article No.
    52 kg/pc

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